Keep from Feenics Access Control System

temp-post-imageDid you know that you can access your access control system remotely from anywhere using an agile cloud-based solution? It’s called Keep from Feenics and is built using an open architecture hardware for limitless interoperability, plus it is fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Cybersecurity-Keep employs proven global security and cryptography standards for a multi-layered approach to protecting the system and customer data.
  • Enhanced User Experience-Security directors can use HTML-5 and/or a mobile app based on your preferred method for managing your access control system.
  • Connect Anywhere Any Time-Keep sets the access control panels in IP Client Mode in order to automatically connect in seconds to the AWS, should connection to Internet be lost.
  • Reduce IT Workload-Hosting in the cloud means no physical on-premise servers are needed. Keep & AWS work in real-time with complete transparency to administrators and zero impact on service levels.
  • Faster Deployment-Integrating new or existing systems no longer takes weeks of laborious work. Keep provides an easy, “one click” setup to perform the task.
  • Increase ROI-Keep is a subscription-based model, with no upfront costs, and no need to purchase hard-ware, software or maintenance contracts. Your cost is simply based on usage.
  • Better Performance-Better performance companies are realizing greater security, more rapid innovation, and faster time-to-results can be achieved by moving to an enterprise level cloud-based access control infrastructure.

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