Register Vaccine Recipients Onsite While Gathering Data & Tracking Issuance in Seconds

Watch this recorded demonstration displaying how quick and easy it is to register people onsite and track vaccine issuance using Mobile ID Spot. Elliott Mobile Solutions® representative Randy Lay, will introduce you to the hardware, software, and application process step-by-step and share a Mobile Solutions® advanced event management check in/out option that may also be used at vaccination sites.

temp-post-imageWatch Randy Lay demonstrate onsite registration & vaccine issuance in seconds.

1. Scan driver’s license
2. Scan QR codes to identify vaccine manufacturer & dosage
3. Choose the # of labels required & print on the spot
4. Adhere labels to CDC card and internal forms

Capture data instantly and label forms with legible information for fast and accurate documentation onsite at vaccine issuance sites!


Contact Randy Lay for a quote and more information on Mobile ID Spot.
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