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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

You’ve likely heard of college and corporate campuses issuing or at least considering virtual credentials for their users. These electronic, mobile IDs empower users to perform all of the same […]

Are You Prepared for a Cyber Attack?

According to an article by Paul M. Perry, the U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SEC) claims that the average cyber data breach cost $7.5 million and continues to increase yearly! Therefore, […]

‘Tis the Season for Logical Access

Ugly Sweater Guy uses a digital credential to access his computer and then performs two factor authentication using his smart phone to identify himself before accessing the company’s network. Learn more!

Is Your CPA Firm Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Cybersecurity threats can happen to anyone and any type of organization. CPA/Accounting firms are not exempt from this threat. An article by Lisa Traina on explores the security issues facing CPA’s today. According […]

Webinar: Learning the Basics of Two Factor Authentication Security

Join Elliott Data Systems and Entrust Datacard Security Solutions for a free one hour webinar on July 19th to learn how Two Factor Authentication can be used to protect your […]

Addressing Cyber Security Concerns in the Workplace

“Cybersecurity: The Next Great Battlefield”, an online article from addresses several of the challenges of protecting your organization through multi-layered strategies in the digital world. Technology is a necessity […]

Challenges Facing Financial Institutions

There are many challenges facing financial institutions these days. Some banks want to change how they interact with their customers. They may be focused on retaining customers or need to […]

Moving Toward a Mobile-First World

Recent studies have shown a dramatic uptick in becoming a mobile-first world. This trend has spread into the workplace, therefore creating a need for operational efficiency and mobile access control. […]