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Choosing the Right Visitor Manager Solution for Your K-12 Institution

School safety is more important than ever. As the push for securing campuses and increasing school security systems continues to grow, it is important to choose the right visitor management […]

BadgePass Visitor Manager-Smart, Easy & Fast!

Visitor Manager by BadgePass is a fast, simple and user-friendly way to electronically register and track people visiting your facility. Click here to see a great example of how automated security solutions […]

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

You’ve likely heard of college and corporate campuses issuing or at least considering virtual credentials for their users. These electronic, mobile IDs empower users to perform all of the same […]

Is Wireless Access Control Right for Your Campus?

Transitioning from traditional mechanical doors to wireless doors and locks may be an economic and efficiency upgrade for your campus. Typically, it is easy to upgrade from traditional doors to […]

Summer Promotion Starts Now!

Elliott Data is offering free setup on custom lanyards through August 30th! You can receive an additional 5% discount on supplies and accessories if you follow us on social media. […]

Security Cameras Are an Effective Tool for School Safety

In an article by Katie Malafronte published in Campus Safety Magazine, she describes how a security camera inside a school was used to track down a gunman. Utilizing the school […]

Gain a Clear Understanding of Missouri Schools’ Security Situational Awareness & Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of Missouri Schools’ Security Situational Awareness & Analysis at Elliott’s upcoming Security Technology Summit, April 3, 2019. The MSBS Center for Educational Safety and the Missouri […]

Stopping the Attack! – Security Testing to Meet Compliance and Security Goals

Join Dennis King, Chief Information Security Officer at Working Security, as he presents “Stopping the Attack! – Security Testing to Meet Compliance and Security Goals.” at the 2019 Security Technology […]