IdentityGuard builds trusted environments for security-minded organizations. This software authentication solution protects identity data with strong security during online and mobile transactions. It protects access to websites, enterprise, VPNs and cloud apps, portals, PCs, buildings and more. IdentityGuard does all of this from a single point of administration - and allows you to embrace the full potential of mobile and the cloud as your organization evolves.

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Software Authentication Platform

IdentityGuard offers a variety of ways to implement added security that will transform your organization and protect against breaches and fraud while staying in compliance with corporate and government regulations. Securely access and transact across networks, applications, devices, and physical locations.

Use Cases

Secure Transactions

Authenticate the identity of all parties involved in transactions and verify the integrity of digital communications with our highly flexible platform. Protect the interests and assets of everyone involved in the transaction.
Strong Authentication Methods

Workstations, Buildings & Doors

Embedding a trusted identity on mobile devices also allows for authentication for a wide range of physical and logical access applications.

Mobile As The New Desktop

Empower your mobile workforce with anywhere anytime access to networks, apps and collaboration tools. Frictionless, transparent security replaces vulnerable passwords and hardware tokens.
Online & Mobile Authentication

VPN, Portal & Web Access

Our authentication platform allows your enterprise to ensure secure employee access to your networks and websites.
Better 2 Factor Authentication


The move to the cloud and broad adoption of enterprise apps forces IT departments to view security outside traditional enterprise boundaries. Our authentication platform makes this transition easy to manage — and incredibly secure.


SafeLogon from Safetrust is a trusted identity solution which enables virtual credentials securely stored in your mobile device to be used to authenticate to platforms and applications or to digitally sign and encrypt data. Replace outdated usernames and passwords with secure mobile credentials, providing convenience, high-security authentication, and information protection all in the palm of your hand. Transform your enterprise security and empower employees, customers, and partners to use their mobiles for a wide range of applications including desktop and remote authentication, follow-me print services, payment processing, and other systems that use digital certificates or smartcards for web access.

Safe Logon Features


If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful Windows system two-factor authentication add-on, the Sphinx Logon Manager software could be just what you need. This identity solution makes logging into Windows, websites, and applications quick and easy while using long, complex passwords that provide greater security.

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