Blue Line Technology

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is becoming a powerful prevention protocol for thwarting unauthorized access, fraud, and cyberattacks. The physical security world is driving to protect sensitive information, and control staff and the public from accessing restricted areas. There is an increasing need to verify and authenticate user identity.

As security becomes more technologically advanced, so do the analytics behind addressing security needs. Two factor methods have become vital to the access control process, and will not only have to address the security concerns of the end user, they will also have to be flexible to the client’s network and current infrastructure. This white paper will explain the details of how the Blue Line Technology two-factor method works, and the practical use case scenarios that would benefit the client.

First Line Facial Recognition Software

First Line Software is an intelligent facial recognition, security software that provides automatic, real-time, identification verification for threat detection, access control, and concierge applications.