Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance provides an important component of a layered security strategy. Elliott offers a variety of video surveillance options from leading manufacturers. All products in our portfolio are carefully selected for quality and to function as part of a comprehensive security system. Solutions offered allow for on-premise or cloud deployments and are available with professional installation services and ongoing support.



Perspective VMS™ is a powerful IP surveillance video management solution. Perspective VMS™ streams and captures IP security camera video and incorporates video analytics, access control, and more into the software. PVMS is intuitive and scalable for projects of any scope or complexity.

Video Archieve Management
The archive allows users to locate and playback stored video. The archive provides functional retrieval for timeline based recordings. Users can download and share archived video as well as identify events and tagged footage.

Live Camera Viewing
The camera viewer gives users the ability to monitor live video streams. Users can create sequences of multiple camera views, control PTZ cameras, review recently recorded video, and initiate on-demand recording.

Interactive Map Navigation
Map navigation provides an at-a-glance geographical overview of the entire enterprise. Users can quickly locate and monitor individual cameras, view live cameras using the camera dock, and navigate multi-layered maps.

Reports provide useful information including system health diagnostics, camera status, and user login activity, Admins info, user audit trails, and export in several common formats.

Training Tutorials
PVMS tutorials give users a comprehensive overview for the application’s functions and features. This includes step-by-step video guides that are appropriate for beginners,
advanced users, or administrators.

Application Administration & Configuration
Administrative access provides permission-based software and device configuration. Admins control user, camera and system management functions. Individual users may
set their user-defined functions and settings.


Eagle Eye Cloud-Based Video Surveillance offers users a worry-free video management experience with NO servers to buy, NO software to install, and a very simple system to deploy. Eagle Eye offers secure, reliable and flexible solutions with Security Camera VMS & CMVR subscriptions, Cloud Based VMS, and On Demand Deployment implemented and supported by Elliott Data Systems.

> Fully encrypted video and meta data
> Encrypted during transmission and at rest
> Complete privacy encryption

> Intelligent bandwidth management local
> Local & off-site recording
> Redundant video and meta data storage

> Supports ONVIF and analog cameras
> Dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps
> Fully functional in all browsers
> On premise or cloud video storage


Vivotek’s VAST is an intuitive professional video/central management software designed for managing all VIVOTEK IP surveillance products. It integrates next generation H.265 video codec and supports hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical system structure for monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management with effortless control. Furthermore, VAST offers the video wall solution, VAST Matrix, for hundreds of live view camera monitoring.

VAST expertly integrates with VIVOTEK’s network cameras to provide the most expansive solutions and applications in video surveillance. Seamless recording with cameras for uninterrupted video recording, Panoramic PTZ for 360° seamless surveillance and VCA metadata Integration like Line Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Field Detection and People Counting Reports are among the highlights of this integration.

At the system level, VAST supports failover redundancy to avoid single points of failure and ensures maximum system up time. It also supports setup of the VAST server on a virtual machine by using one powerful physical server running multiple VASTs on it. VAST performs remote management with the full range of the server & client structures and constitutes a robust system for various applications, such as Retail, Residential and Industrial.



VIVOTEK’s ND9441P and ND9541P are H.265 Linux-based standalone NVRs with embedded PoE. They support remote and mobile access via VIVOCloud and iViewer apps for both iOS and Android handheld devices. The VIVOCloud app provides instant push notification and direct video playback functions when triggered by an alarm notification, providing users with a flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium sized video surveillance applications.

With H.265 compression technology and embedded with 4 HDD’s providing up to 32TB, the ND9441P/ND9541P offers greater than 30% more recording capacity than H.264
systems. This advancement provides users with more storage space for longer durations of video recording. In addition, the RAID 0/1/5 configurations provide further data
security in the rare event of a hard drive failure.



Vivoteck cameras are designed to guard the safety of the world and empower business enterprises to discover customer insights through its intelligent solutions. In this commitment, these cameras are developed using smart technology with advanced content analysis and superior product capabilities to achieve intelligent VCA, Advanced
Technology, and Cybersecurity.

Network Video Surveillance Cameras
> Box Cameras
> Bullet Cameras
> Fixed Dome Cameras
> Corner Cameras
> 180 degree Panoramic Cameras
> 360 degree Fisheye Cameras
> Mobile Dome Cameras
> PTZ Camera
> and more...


Axis cameras offer the best in network video management with HDTV image quality regardless of lighting conditions or the size and characteristics of the monitored areas.
And they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy. Axis cameras may be integrated with analytic applications that transform these network
cameras into comprehensive security solutions.

Network Video Surveillance Cameras
> Fixed Boxed Cameras
> Fixed Bullet Cameras
> Modular Cameras
> Fized Dome Cameras
> Panoramic Cameras
> Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
> Thermal Cameras
> and more...


AXIS A8105

AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station is a full-fledged security camera, a powerful communication device, and a convenient door opener in one single device. A natural complement to your surveillance solution, it helps you secure your premises with reliable, around-the-clock identification.

AXIS A8105-E fits where you want it to go – on walls, doorframes and mullions. A flush mounting accessory enables recessed mounting in walls. With AXIS A8105-E you get clear communication, high-quality video surveillance, and convenient remote entry control all in a single unit. You can see, talk to, identify, and then open the door to visitors directly or remotely from wherever you are. You can use your cell phone, IP phone or Video Management System (VMS) to do it.


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