Cyber Security, Cryptography, Secret Handshakes are not just for spies anymore…

The recent global cyber attack demonstrates how vulnerable many organizations are to the ongoing cyber security challenges today. Patrick Woods, Missouri Highway Patrol CISO spoke at Elliott’s recent “Security Technology Summit” about the Internet of Things (IOT) and its never-ending connectivity of nearly everything in our lives. As Patrick summarized, it is very convenient to have a refrigerator, thermostat, or hot water heater that can be managed remotely but do you really know if these devices are protected and are not being compromised. You cannot protect everything, but you can start with the most common ways that data is compromised.

1. Your Trash Can. Still one of the number one ways that a crook can steal your information. Use a document shredder and don’t throw anything in the trash that has personal info on it.

2. Your Mailbox. Yes, the flag is convenient but it also tells a thief that you’ve left a goodie for them to pick up and learn more about you.

3. Computer Cleansing. It’s wise to use a trusted source to recycle or restore old computer systems. Be sure your old system is effectively wiped clean of all personal data.

4. Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware. Make sure your team is aware of common techniques that are used to compromise credentials, damage, or disable your computers and servers.

5. Keep Your System Updated. It’s important to regularly perform updates to your Microsoft Windows System and other key applications. It’s important to use software solutions that provide regular software updates to keep yourself protected.

6. Multi-factor Authentication. Most network intrusions still originate from compromised passwords. Multi-factor authentication is a strait forward way to reduce the risk of compromised passwords. Learn More

Entrust® IdentityGuard Virtual Appliance

If you already have ID Cards for visual ID, access control, or other applications adding on the functionality for two factor ID can be a great solution to help enforce proper password policy. Call Elliott Data Systems today to discuss your needs for strong multi factor authentication. 1-888-345-8511

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