Security requirements are constantly changing and evolving as thieves get smarter and more data is stored electronically. HID Global suggests the following steps when updating an existing access control system or purchasing a new system for your organization. Below are some quick steps to consider when choosing a system. Please read the complete article from HID here.

  1. Choose the correct technology for desired level of security.
  2. Choose a manufacturer that uses diversified keys and may allow you to utilize your own cryptographic authentication key.
  3. Protect the methods in which all the data will be communicated to each other.
  4. Use security screws that require a special tool to remove a reader.
  5. Consider utilizing two reader doors so that a duplicate card would not be allowed to enter a facility.
  6. Use multi-layer authentication.
  7. Use proprietary card formats.
  8. Inform employees how to protect their cards.
  9. Check out reader manufactures that send "health" messages about the reader to alert you of possible issues.
  10. Analyze and study security logs.
  11. Choose a manufacturer with a range of migration products/strategies.
  12. Perform an annual review of your access control system to determine if any changes should be made.

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Morristown is the latest town in New Jersey to issue municipal identification cards for residents. Click here to see the complete article.

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The idea of trying to keep students, faculty, staff and all of their sensitive information safe, can seem like an overwhelming and impossible task. And while, it may not be possible to thwart off every possible security breach, there is a way to help guard against the most common threats.

By integrating high quality secure access ID cards with an up-to-date IT system, the risk of a security breach greatly decreases. The organization can better manage user data stored on the ID card, protect daily functionality performed, and integrate their access cards with other security measures to provide greater physical and cyber security on its campus. To read the full article click here.

One of the biggest obstacles to organizations is determining the best way to protect their assets. Enterprises should consider both physical and logical security when they determine what applications would help them the most. This takes a team approach between HR, Security and IT. Tom Stiles, the Executive Director of the ISG, provides a list of things to consider when choosing a system. To see the complete article, click here.

  1. Card Technology
  2. Card Durability
  3. Security of System
  4. Use of Biometrics
  5. Logical Access
  6. Public Key Infrastructure
  7. Cost

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Mobile Access Control is an efficient, safe and reliable way to protect your physical and data security. There are now over 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world today, and that is why Mobile Access Control is so important and beneficial to protecting your employees, your organization and your assets. Mobile Access uses multi-layer authentication to provide a highly secure and convenient credentialing system. Click here to learn about the Top 10 Reasons You Should Embrace Mobile Access Control.

Recent studies have shown a dramatic uptick in becoming a mobile-first world. This trend has spread into the workplace, therefore creating a need for operational efficiency and mobile access control. Mobile devices can support technology that provides the most secure digital credentials that can be used within a connected network. More benefits include:

  1. More convenient end-user experience
  2. More efficient to manage
  3. Simple enrollment for end users
  4. Quick and easy management of multiple locations
  5. Reduced expenses of maintaining multiple systems

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