Did you know that you can add a video surveillance system with NO servers to buy, NO software to install, and a very simple system to deploy? All camera subscriptions include web and mobile access as well as cloud management and recording. Utilize on-demand cloud-based security and a business intelligence video management system (VMS) providing both cloud and on-premise recording. Quickly and easily implement a complete video surveillance solution, without the cost of a lot of hardware and software expenses using Eagle Eye Networks.


  • Fully encrypted video and meta data
  • Encrypted during transmission and at rest
  • Complete privacy encryption


  • Intelligent bandwith management
  • Local a...
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Have a High Volume of Tech Ready to Issue to Students?

Want to Track Asset Checkout Data Instantly Using Multiple Administrators?

Epic Track is the Answer.

School Administrators can issue hotspots, tablets, instruments, laptops, or other school assets to in-class and virtual students within minutes using the EPIC Track automated App from their smartphone, tablet or other handheld device. Simply scan the student ID or choose a name from a drop-down list, assign an asset to them by scanning the item barcode, and click the check-in button. It's that easy! Once the student has been assigned items, the EPIC Track software has a time stamped record of the student's name &/or student number and all o...

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Did you know that smart chip contact cards, a high security ID card that protects personal information, may be transformed into a contactless ID using RFID technology? Contactless IDs perform as a security key that may be read from a short distance from a compatible reading mechanism enabling fast, convenient, and secure access to to electronically locked locations.

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EPIC Track is the perfect solution for K-12 School districts to use when managing new school learning atmospheres during the Coronavirus pandemic. Identify and record a student's temperature using the EPIC Track App before they enter a school bus each morning or at drop-off before they enter the school building.

Simply scan the barcode on student ID cards or choose the student's name from a dropdown list, then choose the accurate temperature reading from a dropdown list using your smartphone, a tablet or other handheld device. All students measuring a safe temperature gain access.


Using EPIC Track is a simple and fast way to identify and record data which may be used at any time to support co...

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Did you know that Elliott offers Complete Service Agreements which provide technical and maintenance support with a locked-in rate to protect and maximize the productivity of your identification, accountability or secure access system?

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Did you know that you can access your access control system remotely from anywhere using an agile cloud-based solution? It's called Keep from Feenics and is built using an open architecture hardware for limitless interoperability, plus it is fortified by the security, disaster recovery and redundancy of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Cybersecurity-Keep employs proven global security and cryptography standards for a multi-layered approach to protecting the system and customer data.
  • Enhanced User Experience-Security directors can use HTML-5 and/or a mobile app based on your preferred method for managing your access control system.
  • Connect Anywhere Any Time-Keep sets the access control panels in IP C...
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The team from Elliott Data Systems wishes you a fun and safe Independence Day! Our office will be closed on Friday, July 3 2020. After hours technical support service will be available for emergencies. Holiday rates apply.


Join Us Thursday June 18th or June 25th for a Virtual Banking Security and FII Lunch and Learn, hosted by Elliott Data Systems & Entrust Datacard.


Please join us for a virtual Lunch & Learn webinar. Our goal is to facilitate a panel of Entrust & Elliott financial security professionals to discuss the payment landscape and operations for greater security with your team to help you navigate the current situation.

Register here for June 18th

Register here for June 25th

Some topics most crucial to many of our customers today are:

  • Social-Distance Banking
  • Issuance Device Management
  • HSM Physical and Digital Security

This event is open to financial institutions within MO, IL, TN & MS.

Electronic visitor tracking solution helps validates IDs of guests and screen for any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before granting them access to your facility!

  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Document sign can be customized for your needs
  • Produce customized visitor badges in seconds

Learn more here! Contact Elliott Data Systems at 1-888-345-8511 or visit for more info!


As universities and K-12 schools prepare for a safe return to campus this fall, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, security continues to be a priority. A recent article in Campus Safety Magazine, lists the most common types of access control and what the future holds for physical security.

Campus ID cards were developed in 1993 and have evolved from being a visual source of identification to becoming an access control card that can make purchases, allow access to school buildings, events and parking garages. There are three main types of access cards: proximity (prox), magnetic stripe (mag), and smart cards.

  • Prox Cards: Low security, older technology cards that work by being held close to ...
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