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Keep from Feenics Access Control System

Did you know that you can access your access control system remotely from anywhere using an agile cloud-based solution? It’s called Keep from Feenics and is built using an open […]

Screen Visitors for COVID-19 Symptoms or Exposure!

Electronic visitor tracking solution helps validates IDs of guests and screen for any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure before granting them access to your facility! Fast and user-friendly Document sign can […]

K-12 Cybersecurity Incidents Are on the Rise!

As the world continues to become more technologically dependent, K-12 school settings are also increasing their use of technology. As with any organization, this puts them at a greater risk […]

Securing Your School

When it comes to school security, there are many different options available to support your campus. In an article by Elizabeth VanMetre, she reports how the Springfield Public School System saw their […]

The School Violence Prevention Program Grant Deadline is Approaching!

Reminder that The School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) grant solicitation deadline is approaching – April 8, 2020. This grant may be used to fund school security solutions such as video surveillance, […]

Choosing the Correct Security Camera for Your Campus

In an article by Aaron Saks featured in Campus Safety Magazine, he discusses 5 key points to consider when choosing a video surveillance system for a campus environment. The five […]

Understanding & Planning a Migration to Mobile Campus Credentials

Mobile credentials are quickly replacing plastic ID cards, tokens and passwords for building & network access on campuses across the country. In a world driven by mobile technology, students are […]

EPIC Track Accountability Software Becomes More Adaptable to Special Events and Routine Tracking Scenarios Thru Customization

The EPIC Track solution now provides a greater user experience and new features that have expanded its capabilities, added security, and offers greater control through customization, during event tracking. Read More […]